10 Plays. 10 Minutes.

Opening Night


The UAE's own, homegrown festival of 10-minute plays


Storming the stage in 2018.  10 Plays, 10 Minutes. 4 Weeks.


Got a short attention span? Want a little variety? The 10:Ten Theatre Fest is all about great plays in bite-size chunks of time with lots of variety. Comedy, drama, thriller, sci-fi, surreal, absurd... you name it.
Open to all of the region's actors, directors and writers, 10:Ten's giving a platform to make art and have fun.
10:Ten is run by Constellation Productions, the team behind many of the UAE's most successful theatre events and festivals.


Friday 28 September - Saturday 13 October

10:Ten UAE Theatre Festival at DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates



Friday 26 October

10:Ten UAE Theatre Festival Red Carpet Gala Final at The Madinat Theatre, Madinat Jumeirah


  1. An actor can act in a maximum of 3 plays.

  2. A director can direct a maximum of 2 plays.

  3. A writer can write a maximum of 2 plays.

  4. Participants can enter as an actor, a director, a writer or in 2 or 3 categories.

  5. Projections and film can be used as part of your performance.

  6. Plays which have been previously performed in Dubai may be performed although we very much encourage the production of new works.

  7. Plays can be performed in any language. We very much encourage non English language productions.

  8. 10:Ten is and will also remain a free festival for all participants to enter.

  9. Participants in 10:Ten will receive no monetary payment for participation.

  10. All entrants into 10:Ten will be eligible for prizes.

  11. All entrants into 10:Ten will be invited to take part in workshops.

  12. Writers give permission for play(s) submitted into the festival to be presented at 10:Ten.

  13. Directors and/or theatre companies take responsibility for gaining permission to present work at 10:Ten from the writers or originators of that work.

  14. 10:Ten is open to and welcomes participation from writers, directors, actors and theatre companies from anywhere in the world. There will however be separate prizes on offer at the festival for local and international entrants.

  15. Participants give 10:Ten permission to take photographs and to film productions, auditions and/or rehearsals and to use these for marketing and publicity purposes. Any such materials will be the property of 10:Ten and participants will not be paid for any usage.

  16. If actors, directors or theatre companies wish to withdraw from the festival in any capacity they will give 10:Ten as much notice as possible.

  17. Scripts cannot be withdraw from 10:Ten once submitted without the prior approval of 10:Ten

  18. Scripts and performances must be 10 minutes or less.

  19. Writers will not receive royalties from any performance of their play at 10:Ten.

  20. Directors and Theatre Companies are responsible for finding a location and for conducting all of their own rehearsals for their productions.

  21. All participants will abide by the rules of the venues and behave in a professional and respectful manner towards venue staff, festival staff and fellow participants.

  22. All participants must abide by the laws of the UAE and must be sensitive to local customs, laws and culture. This includes but is not limited to being sensitive to the portrayal of politics, religion, personal relations, alcohol, strong swearing. Writers may be asked to edit scripts to accommodate these points.

  23. The personal information that participants provide will only be used by 10:Ten. Your personal information may be used to communicate with you about 10:Ten and other theatre related activities in the UAE.




10:Ten is more than just theatre. Coming up later this year will be 10:Ten Dance Fest.


10:Ten Dance will be run by the amazing team at The Ripple Effect. More info to come soon!